What Makes Us Who We Are?




“We don’t aim at just being very good at what we do – We want to be remarkable! We want each and every client to be so amazed by our service that the first topic of conversation they think of when they get home at night is how we delighted them!”

Gian Visser – Managing Director

We are a company dedicated to delivering a web hosting service that will truly delight our clients.

It was formed 4 years ago on the premise that we could deliver a web hosting service superior to the service provided by the industry at that time.


We discovered that in order to deliver remarkable web hosting we needed to have many systems in place that we never initially dreamed were necessary. Over the years we have consistently improved the hosting we deliver and sincerely believe that we provide a superior web hosting service.

Having said that we are continually working on improving our levels of service.

The Internet is a truly wonderful medium – However, it takes much much more than simply putting up a website to ensure that Internet dreams are realised. As with any business it takes hard work and experience to succeed. We have the experience and have learnt many of the lessons the painful way.

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It is our goal to be more than just a company that provides you with web hosting for your website.

Through our many value added services we include with all our hosting packages we hope to provide each of our clients with the tools that will enable them to make their website both effective and profitable.

Right now we have a 7 Part Net Marketing Tips and Strategies Course we would be honoured to send to you at absolutely no charge. Simply Click here if you wish to subscribe to this course.
In summary our Primary Aim is very straight forward:

We want to delight you with our web hosting services!

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